The Slender Shaper

While watching TV I came across an add for a so called “exercise machine” called The Slender Shaper. If you’ve never seen this add it’s basically a bulky vibrating belt you wrap around your waist and it claims that it will help you shed the pounds while you sit around all day and let it vibrate. I was rather offended that the people developing this stuff really don’t think very highly of their audience. But then again it dawned on me that if people don’t understand the biomechanics of human physiology, they may just buy into this kinda stuff in a desperate attempt to lose whatever weight they can.
Anything that provides the body with a vibration basically does one thing – increase blood flow to that group of muscles. And although that’s a healthy thing for muscles to have, it has nothing to do with losing weight or even toning that muscle. You can vibrate your body all you want, but you’re not putting any of your muscles up against resistance. Therefore your muscles will not feel the need to regenerate or strengthen and will get nothing more than a good massage. The add on TV shows an animation of body fat being obliterated in the body while using this machine, and for about $112 you can own this scam. Bottom line – The Slender Shaper – FAIL.

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