Rachel Ray- “Snack of the day” gets a “Smack of the day”

Morning talk shows have become more versatile in their composition during the last 10-20 years.  Instead of just morning coffee with a guest, they have now incorporated all types of topics – food and health have become the most popular.  But what you should always remember is that just because a talk show host talks the talk (or in many cases reads off the teleprompter) doesn’t make them an expert.  The world of television and morning talk shows is full of perky, upbeat idiots, tailored in the bells and whistles of contextualized scientific research, and spewing with words and actions of hypocrisy all in the name of entertainment.  The consequences of this irresponsible media are millions of consumers with mixed messages about their health and well being, continuously spiraling into poor lifestyle habits detrimental to their health.  One of these upbeat hypocritical idiots is Rachel Ray who you may know for her “20 minute fast and easy meals”, and “snack of the day”.  Well Rachel, you might want to start taking some notes, because the doctor is about to lay down the “smack of the day”.

Rachel’s hypocritical hour is often a mix of health and nutritional “experts” often pushing their new product or service to help you get fit and “feel great”.  They range from medical doctors to nutritionists, to someone selling specially fitted clothes to help you slim your figure.  Of course there’s always the token celebrity pushing their new book and making some cliche remark about how important it is to take it “one day at a time”… or some other crap like that.  Then right in the middle of the show, with her big stupid grin and annoying perky voice Rachel will suddenly pull out and announce the “Snack of the Day!”  Oh yay! Here comes another chocolate dipped, deep fried, sugary carbohydrate!  I hope she also gives out glucose meters to her audience when she announces “everyone in the audience gets one!”

However, let’s not forget her famous “quick and easy meals” that have made her a favourite amongst moms all across north America.  In her studio kitchen she is famous for putting together meals and snacks within about 20 minutes. With high definition TV these days and her constant “ooohh that smells delicious” and “this is soooo easy!”, audiences can easily be enticed to her online recipes and time saving solutions.  But after examining her recipes I wasn’t surprised to find a huge collection of carb-based dinners.  You can check out her website and click on the “Weekly Roundup” of recipes.  No surprise, this week 7 out of the 8 recipes were made with enriched carbohydrates.

Rachel Ray isn’t the first and only hypocrite on TV, she just happens to be one of the more annoying ones (in my opinion).  And when it comes to issues of health I take my opinions very seriously whether they be personal or professional.  The Rachel Ray hypocrisy also shows us how easily the world of television and media can influence not only our consumer habits, but now our health and lifestyle habits.  Mixed messages of being healthy and eating right juxtaposed to unhealthy sugary snacks that we may feed our kids is nothing more than a recipe for disaster.  In my personal opinion, idiots and morons who produce and star in shows like Rachel Ray should either get a proper education about what they preach, or have some kind of government health regulation.  In my professional opinion, we as the audience need to be cautious of quick and easy fixes related to our health and continue to educate ourselves about our health and well being.

Rachel Ray, for endangering the health and lives of your audience with unhealthy snacks and high fat dinners, while endorsing “healthy living” at the same time, the doctor gives your hypocritical ass a perky “20 minute quick and easy” FAIL.

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