Marco Girgenti – Starving to be Fat

Back when I was doing medical consulting at a local gym in Vaughn, my first encounter with the fitness industry was through Marco.  Although I had the theoretical knowledge and medical background to assess people, through Marco’s mentoring I learned a much different and rather intriguing side to the world of fitness.  Marco was not just another consultant or fitness expert at the gym.  He wasn’t a salesman trying to sell you personal training.  He wasn’t even a personal trainer. Marco was the living proof of what ultimate success was in the battle against weight loss.  He was the man who started as a victim of obesity weighing over 300lbs. After losing 150lbs, and keeping it off for over a decade, he is now a champion and a role model for many people who suffer with the same challenges.

Does he workout every day for over an hour in the gym with a personal trainer? – No.  Does he restrict himself from eating pasta or other carbs? – Hell no (he’s Italian).  Does he use some secret drug loss pill that’s only available in Paraguay? No – If he did he’d be stupid not to sell it and make millions.  Marco is just like you and I.  In fact in many ways, his life has handed him his share of tragedies and obstacles that perhaps many of us have never experienced.  The death of his sister when he was ten, the death of his father at 17, a failed marriage, and caring single handedly for a son with special needs are all part of his life.  These were all things that deeply affected him, but also pushed him to take control of his health and his life.  After being on a plane where a woman sitting next to him said “sir, can you please move? You are too fat to sit here,” Marco took this painful truth and decided to take control of his life and make a change.  What he didn’t realize was that it would lead to a series of phenomenal changes that would affect not only his physical health, but his mental and spiritual strength. Today he’s in a committed relationship with a beautiful fitness model (don’t believe me? Check out his facebook profile), he does motivational speaking all across North America, and most importantly has exceptional health.

What I learned from Marco was that at some point or another, we lose control in our lives.  Whether it be control of our finances, our stress, our family, or our health, that loss of control can spiral out of control.  Many people seeking to lose weight are actually looking for that control in their life, but don’t know how to do it.  We often hear that knowledge is power, and the way Marco would speak to gym members was truly inspirational because he made them feel that they too could regain that power and control that they had lost in their lives.  My favourite part of those sessions was when he’d hold up a picture of what he looked like at 300lbs and people’s jaws would drop.  But when they realized that all it took was some proper understanding of how to incorporate physical activity in daily life as well as the gym, and how to manage your nutrition, their spirits would rise.  Marco understood people’s pain, and they understood his determination.

These days Marco continues to be a motivational speaker and has helped thousands of people understand not just the mechanical dynamics of weight loss, but the mental fitness that needs to be associated with it as well.  In his book “Starving to be Fat” he explains every personal discovery about weight loss and why it worked for him as well as the people he’s mentored.  After reading this book I was truly inspired by his dedication of making good health and fitness not just part of his life, but incorporating into every aspect of his life.  Not to mention, he brilliantly explains a lot of the misconceptions we have about weight loss that are often the root cause of fears and insecurities many people have when it comes to their weight loss goals.

You can get more information on Marco Girgenti on his website at  I sincerely hope that you get the chance to meet him because  I consider myself very lucky to be able to call him one of my good friends.  The doctor is proud to give Marco two inspired thumbs up.

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